About me

The person behind VONALLABOR

I have been drawing for as long as I can remember.  Maybe even before. Art determined my childhood and high school years.

Later I did not study to be a professional painter or graphic designer so I had less and less time to grab a pen and draw. Those days my university notes were framed with my doodles and had a couple of booklets with my sketches but that was all. I ended up working with laptops, changed the paper for them.


I have been living without drawing for years, office life determined my everydays.


Everything has changed at the beginning of 2014. Guess what, I bought a digital pad for drawing! Restart drawing was harder than it seemed to be and not just because using digital pad was totally new thing for me. As soon as I have restarted I realized how much I missed my visual and creative side. The process of creating something touchable. 

Nowadays I love making digital drawings but feel happiest when I hold a printed version in my hands. Touching and smelling the paper, seeing the drawing in real size and the true colours beyond the screen. That is what turns digital life into real.

Recently I returned to drawing with ink and painting with aquarell.

The reason behind? I missed the feeling how pen scratches or paint brush slides on paper. Simultaneously with this I started to discover the world of making and using paint from earth pigments. Well, I have to confess that is my new addiction.


So why do I share all these fragments? The world is loud from catchy slogens like "be unique" or 'be different", coming from uniform international companies. But I do not think that to equip a unique home with large amount standardized products is possible at all.

That is one reason why I believe the importance of support local artists and small businesses. I would encourage you to be conscious consumer, live your life with eyes wide open, consider your needs, appreciate quality and fair trade, do not hesitate to step out your comfort zone, get to know the work of local craftworkers and artists in your neighbourhood or whilst travelling and last but not least support them with buying their products - only if you really fell in love with any - and have your cosy unique territory. 

I am glad if I can make you happy with any of VONALLABOR works. Browse them, get to know yourself and have a good time!